Forest Adventure Time! (C’mon grab your friends)

I’m a little late to the party, but I just love the cartoon Adventure Time!

It sometimes makes me wish my saggy-cheeked dog, Bosley, had special powers like Jake. Boz is mostly just a super cuddler, though, and I’m fine with that. He’s still my favorite dog. My only dog, but my favorite nonetheless.

Playin' in the mud.

Those saggy cheeks make him look perpetually sad.

On the other hand, my favorite thing to do on island, that doesn’t involve food, is Forest Adventure Park.


Forest Adventure is a zip line park combined with an outdoor obstacle course up in Onna Village, off of Highway 6. It’s like a huge playground, for big kids. I like going to Forest Adventure so much, I bought yearly passes for the hubby and me.IMG_6531

I wasn’t sure at first if I’d like zip lining–I hadn’t done it before moving to Okinawa. Like many people I know, I’m a little afraid of heights, so it seemed a bit scary.


Also a little scary: all the signs that told us to “Watch Out – Habu.” I have yet to see a habu at Forest Adventure. Hopefully, they’re all far away and sleeping.

However, after the first jump, I was hooked.


Anyone else concerned ’bout that clear tape holding the hooks to the lines? Yeah, me neither.

Yeesh, “hooked on zip lining”? I honestly didn’t intend that pun. Maybe I should get t-shirts made.


Come on, it’s not as bad as this pun, is it? Is it?

I’m now a zip line junkie. To me, zip lining is very liberating. It’s like flying.


Also, at Forest Adventure, you have both the freedom and responsibility to make sure you’re hooked onto the line correctly. Oh, and helmets? Meh–we don’t need no stinkin’ helmets!

It all sounds scary, but it isn’t. It’s actually pretty cool to have that independence.

I proceeded to indoctrinate other friends–any excuse to go zip lining!




Melissa H. was pretty scared at first, but then she zip lined like a pro.

I love watching friends go from unsure and intimidated, to excited and zip line crazy, like me.

Other things that I find amusing at the park, besides all the habu signs:


Not a port-a-potty, but a port-a-squatty-potty. Surprisingly, it’s clean (check out the little garbage can!) and it flushes!


IMG_6528 resized

Someone’s about to get flying judo kicked.


IMG_6546 resized

This obstacle is wobbly and has crooked planks. It’s also called the Chinese Crossing. Hmm. . . whaddya think, a racist name for a crooked bridge?


Toward the end of the park, there’s this sign, urging its readers to drink water.


It’s so hot, even the sign is sweating.

It’s at a rest area, with complimentary drinks. Score!

Don't mind if I do.

Don’t mind if I do.

However, further inspection reveals that there isn’t any water (unless you count the ice cubes).

Just soda (or pop, depending on what region you hail from). No Coke, though (Southerners, I mean it: NO COKE.)

Just soda (or pop, depending on what region you hail from). No Coke, though. (Southerners, I mean it: NO COKE.)

I managed to find an unsweetened green tea.

IMG_6552 resized

It’s slightly refreshing and healthy-ish.

Besides the quirky stuff, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome ocean view at the last zip line:

IMG_3175 resized

Or the crazy-scary-thrilling-super-fun Tarzan Swing obstacle:

In my 2+ years living on island, I’ve been to Forest Adventure 6 times. That number is going to go up a lot with my yearly pass.

And, since the zip lines and obstacles never change, I thought B’s and my visit a few weeks ago would be pretty standard (we even planned on timing how fast we could get through the whole park).

But I was oh. so. wrong. That visit was anything BUT standard.

Instead of writing what happened, dearies, I thought of you, and captured some of it in-the-moment:

That’s right–mechanical failure! My pulley was  moving so slowly, that I got stuck in the middle of a zip line, twice. They switched me out of that harness and then it was smooth, lightning-fast sailing from there.


The culprit.

The culprit. Maybe I’m superstitious, but this WAS the first time I had a harness with an orange safety rope–I usually had red before.

Although B said in the video to try to pull myself along the rope to solid ground, since I didn’t feel any immediate danger and saw the staff member coming toward me, I figured I’d let the professionals handle it. And rescue me.

Not all of us can be bad ass like cats, ok?

Not all of us can be bad ass like cats, ok?

I’m just glad that this happened to me, and I have to say, I’m a bit proud that I stayed calm and “kept my head,” even flippantly saying, “Konnichiwa” to my rescuers, as if we were just passing on the street.


I’m glad this didn’t happen to a newbie friend I brought along, who quite possibly could’ve panicked and FREAKED OUT. Because I would’ve felt really bad if that happened.

Panic! At the Zipline

Panic! At the Zipline

If only I could keep the same level of coolness when I see creepy bugs in my general vicinity. This beetle on the tent at the rest stop/drink station looked interesting, though:


It had white spots on it, too, which my crappy iPhone camera didn’t pick up. Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I did jump when B first pointed this out to me. Bugs make me jumpy (as do most other undomesticated creatures)!

So, the last Forest Adventure trip really was an adventure! Obviously I survived (or did I?!), and lived to tell about it:

 What sort of thrilling adventures (zip line or otherwise) have you experienced? I’d love to hear them!