Shake ’em up! I’m format shifting. . .

After what feels like a long hiatus (I know you missed me so much, my 3 or so fans who actually read this blog and the 1,000 bots who try to spam it) and a fun 4th of July camping trip to Okuma, in which I was a bit out of my element and failed to take ANY photos or video, I’m BAAAACK.

And I’m trying something new.

I enjoy writing long, essay-like blog posts, filled with ridiculous and semi-relevant memes, my corny puns, and the occasional insight into Okinawan life. And, my dear (few) readers, I imagine that’s what keeps you coming back to Little Okinawa Blog for more.

But the long and short of it is, it’s HARD to find the time to write 1,000 coherent words every week for something that is a labor of love, when there are writing gigs and other freelance jobs that I’m supposed to be doing (including blogging for two other blogs!).

And I doubt YOU have the time to read 1,000+ words, just from piddly ol’ me (or DO you?).

So, I’m experimenting. It’s about six months into the blog. And it’s time to shake it up a bit.

That means: shorter posts, a little more frequent. The occasional long post, when I feel moved by the subject.

And HOPEFULLY, some fun and interesting ways to get YOU involved. Oh, I have lots of ideas in the works, but need some breathing/thinking room to implement them!

But in the meantime, I’m off to another FITNESS BOOT CAMP. Or what I like to call, Fitness Bootie Boot Camp! Because this bootie ain’t gonna burn off any fat sitting here!

Cheers and more to come!