I’ll Drink to That! “Cool Find”: Okinawan Coke

I scour Okinawa-related news, to try to stay informed, and to find interesting articles to share with YOU! And to impress people at cocktail parties. Ha–who am I kidding? I don’t go to cocktail parties! This is Okinawa. I wear flip flops and drink beer at my friend’s house.


Now that’s weird. Are those. . . Krispy Kreme flip flops?!

Recently I came across an article about this self-titledĀ “cool find”:



I would’ve done the same as this writer, and tried this interesting, shisa decorated Coke, because: A.) I like Coke, ESPECIALLY Japanese Coke, and B.) I’m down for trying new foods that don’t skeeve me out too much. I’m looking at YOU, Andrew Zimmern.

I don't care what you say. If it looks gross, I'm not eating it.

I don’t care what you say. If it looks gross, I’m not eating it.

However, upon finding out that this Coke was made with Okinawan water (how did she know? Did it say it on the can, or did the shopkeeper tell her?), I don’t think I would’ve had the same expectation for anything “special” about the taste of this Coke. There’s a lot of build up about how “special” this Okinawan water-infused Coke might taste, only to let us down with a big WOMP WOMP. I drink “the waters of Okinawa” frequently, and it’s not this magical, ambrosia-like elixir that keeps the Okinawan people living well into their hundreds (the abundance of Okinawan centenarians is due to their active lifestyle and all the veggies they eat, like goya and ben-imo.

The (tap) water here tastes like plain old tap water just about anywhere else, but in Okinawa City, which is inland, and therefore has recycled and processed it more, I think it tastes WORSE than in other places on island.

HOWEVER, I will say this: even if this special edition of Coke “just tastes like Coke,” there is a significant difference between its taste and the taste of American Coke.

Why? Because American Coke has high fructose corn syrup, and Japanese Coke has REAL sugar in it, which is far more tasty and satisfying (dopamine, anyone?). They still sell American Coke on base, so it’s not like I’ve completely forgotten what corn syrup tastes like!