Living in the OC


Flowers as big as your head! Okay, a baby’s head.

I live near numerous beaches, get to see sunsets illuminating the Pacific Ocean. The climate’s too warm to snow here. But this isn’t Orange County. It’s Okinawa City, Japan, more than 6,000 miles away from California, and 16 or 17 hours ahead of it by time zone, depending on daylight savings (Japan doesn’t participate, and for that, Japan – 1, USA – 0).

Modern Okinawa is a mish-mash of its former Ryukyu Kingdom traditions and cultural influences from China, “mainland” Japan, the U.S., and more. I ‘m not some cultural studies expert (though the very technical term “mish-mash” may have led you to believe otherwise); you probably won’t find anything here that’s worthy of citing in any papers. But I do want to share the little quirks I notice. Snippets of Okinawa. What’s different than any other place I’ve lived or visited, and what’s the same, too. Mostly inane stuff, like navigating a squatty potty or why you shouldn’t get your hopes up when you hear the ice cream truck. Consider them snapshots, or even postcards from Oki. Talk to you soon!