Oki End to End: Mini Geography Lesson

I just couldn’t wait to share this with you–I recently saw it in my feed. It’s a time lapse video of a person driving from the southern tip (Cape Kyan) to the northern tip (Cape Hedo) of Okinawa Island. Since Okinawa is only 67 miles (107.8 km) long, the trip takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on traffic and your route (they took a long, scenic route in this video). Don’t worry, though–the video’s only 4 and a half minutes! It gives you a (sped-up) glimpse of this place that’s been inspiring me to blog.

The maximum speed limit on island is 80 kilometers per hour, which is a mere 49.7 miles per hour. You won’t catch a whole lot of speed demons over here. This is sleepy-casual island living, after all!

Okinawa Island is also 17 miles (27.35 km) wide at its widest, and just 2 miles (3.2 km) wide at its narrowest!

And, in case you were wondering, as I had been before moving here and agonizing over whether to buy a bike in the U.S. or in Okinawa and what kind–Okinawa has LOTS of hills and mountains. It ain’t flat, folks. So, while a beach cruiser is nice, a multiple speed bike is much more practical! And, I’d shop for one in the States or elsewhere as opposed to here, depending on what you want–there seems to be more selection in the U.S. Also, quality bikes are REALLY expensive here, especially with the exchange rate.  Plus, most vendors (through Amazon or otherwise) won’t ship bikes out here! However, there is a site called Okinawa Yard Sales, that will occasionally have some secondhand bikes super cheap, if you can snatch it up fast enough before the next buyer, that is!